CLA 375-6. Advanced Topic: The Ancient Economy
The economy of the Greek and Roman world has been called an "academic battleground," a description of the debate that proves less fitting today than it did several decades ago when Keith Hopkins coined the phrase. Since 1973, much of the battle has been waged in defense of or in opposition to Moses I. Finley's groundbreaking work - The Ancient Economy. This course will provide not only an introduction to the economy and society of the ancient world by examining agriculture, craft production, labor, and trade based on documentary evidence and literary texts and documentary evidence, but also will include a consideration of the formal and informal constraints on these activities, namely ideology, status concerns, and law. Finley's work - along with the responses of both supporters and his critics - will guide and inform the class discussion in order to provide students with the necessary tools to evaluate current debates and offer their own examination of the work and activities carried out by craftsmen, merchants, farmers, and the landowning elite. (Humanities) VENTICINQUE