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Interdisciplinary approach

Classical studies is an interdisciplinary major at heart and takes advantage of the methods and insights of language and linguistics, literary studies, archaeology, art, anthropology, history, philosophy, economics, and religion. 

The curriculum emphasizes an integrated approach to the ancient Mediterranean and its influence on the world. You'll examine a particular text or topic from a variety of perspectives in order to develop a multifaceted understanding of Greek and Roman culture. 

Students who major in classical studies go on to a variety of graduate schools in history, law school, marketing, economics, social work, medical school, and more. The strong liberal arts background that classical studies provides has led Cornell alumni to successful careers in archaeology, business, information technology, law, library science, linguistics, medicine, ministry, museum and archival work, teaching, and writing. 

Beyond the classroom

One Course At A Time makes it possible for students studying classics at Cornell to take entire blocks just to focus on research, work at a full-time internship, or extend the classroom beyond campus for an entire study-abroad block in ancient Greece or Rome, where students explore archaeological sites and museums while immersed in modern Greek and Roman culture.

One Course At A Time allows for immersion, which is the best way to learn a language. Rather than just a weekly language lab, with One Course the classroom itself is turned into a language lab mixing discussion, instruction, and workshops. And students work together as a class with the professor. 

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