JOB TITLE: Marketing and Office Manager                            OFFICE: Civic Engagement

DEPARTMENT: Student Life                                                 DIVISION: Student Affairs

REPORTS TO: Director of Civic Engagement                          TERM: Academic year

WAGE: $8.25 per hour


  1. Manages the operations aspect of the Civic Engagement Office by holding very regular office hours in the Civic Engagement Office
  2. Works to promote the CEO to campus and the community
  3. Responsible for all marketing initiatives including our Blockly newsletter, the Active Citizen
  4. Responsible for managing and updating our website through CMS, Cornell’s website builder
  5. Manage administrative tasks including but not limited to:
    1. Maintain the Office’s social media marketing
    2. Provide office support for full-time staff and ongoing programming including data entry, preparing program materials, promotion of events and workshops, etc.
    3. Assist with hosting events and workshops
  6. Assist the Volunteer Coordinator in implementing the Angel Tree program
  7. Attend blockly staff meetings
  8. Meet with the Director of Civic Engagement one-on-one 1-2 times each block
  9. Assist in the marketing and promotion of the Civic Engagement Office
  10. Coordinate activities with other members of the staff and work as a team to achieve the goals of the Civic Engagement Office
  11. Assist with other projects and duties as assigned


Interest in service and in coordination of service programs; positive attitude; willingness to be flexible and to adapt to change quickly; strong written and oral communication skills; ability to manage multiple tasks at one time; advanced computer skills. Work with marketing programs, websites, and Mail Chimp.


You will have a $1000/year college work-study award with the Civic Engagement Office. This position requires a federal work study award. This will allow for 5-6 work hours each week for the first three weeks of the block. The Coordinator is encouraged to check in at the office regularly and is expected to work 4-6 hours in the office each week during the first three weeks of the block. A professional attitude, appearance and demeanor must be maintained when in the office. Confidentiality is expected in all matters containing sensitive information.

Beyond the specifically detailed description of duties, the coordinator is asked to work on basic office tasks, including running errands, copying, typing, and cleaning areas.