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Applications for Marketing, Volunteer Coordinator, Lunch Buddies, Colleges Against Cancer (one position), and Social Justice (two positions) will be open from January 31st - February 17th for Civic Team Leader Positions for the 2017-2018 school year!

All staff members receive a $1000 work study award through the Civic Engagement Office for the school year. This is approximately 17 hours per block or 5-6 hours per week (excluding 4th week of the block). All staff members are expected to support each other and all Civic Engagement Office programming.  All staff are expected to work with the Director of Civic Engagement on delegating projects for volunteer teams focused on issues pertaining to the each leader’s flagship program and issue area. All staff members must work at least 3 hours in the Civic Engagement Office for the first 3 weeks of each block. 

Please read below for overall position descriptions. Specific position descriptions can be found on the side navigation bar:  

Cornell Alternative Breaks Program (CAB):

These people (2 co-coordinators) are responsible for planning and coordinating off-campus volunteer trips throughout the year. This includes the Alternative Spring Break and Winter Break program and any additional service trips (i.e. block break trips) that occur during the year.

The Alternative Spring Break program is designed to give students the opportunity to engage in volunteer work over spring break. This trip involves travel to an out-of-state location to work on a variety of projects.

The Alternative Winter Break program is a new program designed to give students the opportunity to engage in civic engagement over winter break. This trip involves travel to an out-of-state (and often international) location to work on a variety of projects.

The Coordinators recruit students to lead and attend trips, facilitate meetings and training for student leaders, potentially serve as the leader for one trip, plan fundraisers, and work with the leaders to make necessary logistical arrangements (transportation, financial planning, etc.) for the trips.

Lunch Buddies Program:

The primary responsibility for this staff position is the Lunch Buddies mentoring program. Through Lunch Buddies, Cornell students are paired with a child from Washington Elementary School and are expected to visit with their buddy at least three times a block. As part of this program, the coordinator will recruit and train Cornell mentors, plan a variety of Lunch Buddy events, and manage the program throughout the year, including holding Cornell students accountable for visiting their buddies regularly. 

In addition to Lunch Buddies, this staff member will serve as a liaison between Cornell and Washington Elementary school looking both for opportunities for Cornell students to volunteer and for Cornell events in which the elementary school children may participate.

Mentoring/Tutoring Program:

The two main programs this person will coordinate are the mentoring programs and Cornell Success Lab. In Cornell Success Lab, Cornell students visit the Middle School once to three times a week in the afternoon and work with a group middle school students. They do various activities ranging from fun things, tutoring, to discussing more serious topics like peer pressure and trust.

In addition to these programs, this staff member will serve as a liaison between Cornell and local schools in the area, looking both for opportunities for Cornell students to volunteer and for Cornell events in which middle school children may participate.

Colleges Against Cancer Program:

Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by working to implement the programs and mission of the American Cancer Society.

The CAC co-coordinators’ primary responsibility is to manage the organization and planning of Relay for Life.  They recruit and supervise student volunteers to serve on the various committees responsible for the planning and implementation of the event and oversee the operations of the event.  The coordinators work closely with the American Cancer Society throughout the entire process.  They are also responsible for planning other programs and activities related to the mission of ACS throughout the year.

Cornell's Chapter of Colleges Against Cancer is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Students involved with Colleges Against Cancer help to plan the annual Relay for life, educational and awareness-raising events throughout the year as well coordinate fundraising efforts to help in the fight against cancer. Also, Cornell's Chapter of Colleges Against Cancer plans and hosts events such as the Pantene Beautiful Lengths hair drive and a Be The Match drive, and other events on campus and at local schools to include community.

Matthew 25:

Matthew 25 is a new program that is still in flux in the Civic Engagement Office. This person will serve as the point of contact for all sustainability efforts and environmental initiatives that the Civic Engagement Office supports. This includes working with our growing partnership with Matthew 25’s urban farm. This person will be asked to start seeds and coordinate volunteers in the Cornell greenhouse and transplant them to Matthew 25 in Cedar Rapids. Additionally, this person will be expected to recruit and connect Cornell students to assist with school gardens and urban farm work days. Finally, this person will serve as an educational resource and a volunteer manager to youth as well as college students in farming and sustainability.

Marketing and Office Manager:

The Marketing and Office Manager manages the operations aspect of the Civic Engagement Office.  This staff member will work to promote the Civic Engagement Office to campus and the community and will be responsible for utilizing the other Civic Team Leaders to broadcast all office programming.  This involves managing volunteer posts through JIVE and handling all reporting of activities and civic events run through the office.  This program is also responsible for marketing initiatives (posters, online web/social media, online newsletter, etc.). This person will be trained in CMS (our website builder), and will be responsible for updating and maintaining the Civic Engagement Office website. Finally, the Marketing and Office manager will be asked to hold more office hours than the other Civic Team Leader positions, and will thus be expected to understand and communicate the events and initiatives going on throughout the CEO to office guests and other campus stakeholders.

Social Justice Program:

The Social Justice Program has two Co-Coordinator positions available: on specifically for campus groups and initiatives, and one centered around community initiatives.  The Social Justice Campus Coordinator works with Cornell College’s Social Justice Initiative (CEO, Intercultural Life, Spiritual Life) to create sustained dialogue and programs that work to navigate social justice issues on campus and in the local community.  This Social Justice Coordinator will serve as the Civic Engagement Office representatives for the Sustained Dialogue Initiative. The Social Justice Community Coordinator will facilitate relationships between Cornell student groups and local non-profits and community programs that focus on issues of poverty and social justice. This will involve coordinating direct service opportunities as well as educational programming off campus, such as Willis Dady overnights, monthly Justice for our Neighbors sessions, and work with Waypoint. The Social Justice Program is currently in flux, and this position will require much creativity, initiative, and passion for hard conversations and topics.

 Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator serves as the true liaison between Cornell College and its community partners. This position will coordinate all volunteer initiatives on campus, which include individuals as well as groups. For this reason, the Volunteer Coordinator will serve as the person of contact for the Greek community, interested student groups, and faculty members seeking partnerships. The coordinator will also filter volunteer requests that come through the Civic Engagement Office and will be expected to identify fitting volunteers for projects. Additionally, the Volunteer Coordinator will maintain and grow the Civic Engagement Office’s community partner database and determine how to best provide access to this database to the Cornell community. Finally, the Volunteer Coordinator will work with the Marketing and Office Manager to coordinate the Civic Engagement Office’s Annual Angel Tree program. 

To apply please submit:

1.         A cover letter describing why you would like to work in your specific position.  Please refer to aspects of the job description in your cover letter.

2.         A resume including your education, work experience including job responsibilities, leadership roles and activities.

If you need assistance creating these materials, please refer to the Berry Career Institute or schedule an appointment with a current Career Assistant in our office (   Students must  be eligible for Federal Work Study. If you are not and are interested, please contact the office. 

Please apply by emailing Katie Wilson (

Due by Friday, February 17, 2017 | Candidates selected for an interview notified by Mar. 8,  2017