"Students can learn to look at the world in a new way, challenge stereotypes, and work toward a better understanding between different groups of people."

"It's awesome. It's simply magical how it can transform a group of close allies who can rely on each other."

"This is an amazing program and opportunity for students, and I think everyone should have the opportunity to participate."

"Everyone should do ASB."

“In a service trip, students can meet with a variety of new people, share our stories, and listen to their stories. Students can gain fresh and innovative perspectives and experiences that are either directly or in the long term helpful for their individual development.”

“The most important thing I learned concerned who I am and who I want to be.”

“I learned a lot about social issues (homelessness, poverty) that I knew about but had never had the opportunity to really experience before. “

“I had a fantastic time, and I would do it again if I could. I really enjoyed my time and I loved the people that I was with.”

“This was some of the most fun I’ve ever had with a group of people. I felt truly connected to almost everyone my trip, as well as the founders of Once Upon a Time. I will never forget this trip, and look forward to future ones.”

“It was possibly the best experience of my life so far!”

“My two trips have been the most rewarding opportunities I have had the privilege of participating in and leading while on Cornell’s campus and I regret not participating sooner.”

"[ASB participants] can get a better sense of their place in the world as well as how they can act in it so as to make it better for others."

"Students get to learn the true problems in society and the best ways (versus the least helpful ways) to reduce the problems and improve the community. They also learn that they can make a difference in even the smallest ways and therefore they also learn something about themselves."

"When you look back on your trip and reflect on the impact you made, you realize how all that work really made a difference."

"I had a rush of second thoughts about spending my spring break on a farm with no electricity or Internet just before going on ASB, but my initial discomfort dissolved almost immediately after getting down to Texas--even though I got splattered with mud, rooster blood, and a full bucket of goat milk all within 48 hours of arriving."