Faith gathering

Better Together Interfaith Allies: Making interfaith appreciation and cooperation a social norm (an extension of The Chaplain & Spiritual Life Office).

  • Gathers for Being Peace in Allee Chapel from 11:15 – 11:40 a.m. on the 1st Monday of each Block. Being Peace is a gathering for spiritually diverse peace prayers, blessings, and loving kindness meditation for others, self, and world.  Each block we also rededicate ourselves to being instruments of healing peace and witnesses to life's goodness, joy, and love. 
  • As an extension of the Chaplain & Spiritual Life Office--along with the Soul Friends (ecumenical Christian)--this group assists the chaplain with campus events such as healing peace vigils in times of national or global tragedy.  We also learn from one another, and support one another in celebrating the beauty and goodness of each other's spiritual inheritance. 

Deep Water: A gathering for Bible study and Christian fellowship (historically on Tuesday nights).

Fellowship of Christian Athletes: A gathering for games, Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

Hillel: Cornell's Jewish student organization affiliated with the national Hillel organization. Join Hillel to experience and learn about Jewish spiritual and cultural heritage.  Gathering for a shabbat meal occurs once a block in Stoner House. Occasional Torah study and prayers on other Friday nights in Allee. Some ride coordination to area synagogues.  Also campus celebrations such as Jewish High Holy Days and Passover. Open to all regardless of background.

Soul Friends: An ecumenical Christian group that is an extension of the Chaplain's Office. We gather for mid-Block/mid-week worship offering spiritual renewal, prayer & peace within the tenderness of God.  Service ends with brief, optional and inclusive Communion (Peace Eucharist). 
With open minds and hearts, this group also assists the chaplain in offering other Christian spiritual nourishment, friendship, practices, healing peace vigils, and both social justice and interfaith appreciation programming.  No religious arrogance. Just love.

  • Soul Friends Christian worship in Allee Chapel is typically the 2nd Wed. of each Block from 11:15 – 11:45 a.m (see Master Calendar for special events like evening Ash Wednesday and Candlelight Christmas ecumenical services).
  • Soul Friends also co-leads the interfaith gathering called Being Peace on the 1st Monday of each Block (11:15 am in Allee Chapel). 

SSAMMOSA (Sikh, South Asian, Muslim, Middle East Organization for Support and Advancement): Come for cultural and spiritual learning. Open to all regardless of background.