Cornell College welcomes students from all religious traditions and secular perspectives.  Cornell values this spiritual diversity and inclusion as an integral part of preparing students for global citizenship.  Helping students respect and understanding one another amid deeply held differences is also one of the attributes of being a liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church

Student are supported in their religious and spiritual journeys in many ways, including:

  • 1:1 spiritual care and guidance with the chaplain.
  • A wide range of spiritual events such as inter-spiritual healing wisdom talks; meditation and mind-body-spirit practices; the Sustained Dialogue program; UMC Bishop Trimble's talks on immigration and on diversity & inclusion; monastic retreat; Hindu Navratri celebration and events like  It Starts With Me: Understanding and Responding to Islamophobia; Food, Faith, & Climate Control; and Rwanda Genocide and Holocaust Survivor lectures.
  • NIGHT PRAYER (Ecumenical Christian), Hillel's Shabbat and High Holy Day observances, and more.
    - Deep Water
    - Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    - Hillel
    - Inter-faith Understanding & Exploration (flows out of Chaplain & Spiritual Life Office)
    - Soul Friends (Ecumenical Christian w/ social justice & interfaith sensitivity--flows out of
      Chaplain & Spiritual Life Office)
    - Sikh, South Asian, Muslim, & Middle-Eastern Organization for Support & Advancement  

View information on our Institutional Spiritual Life Statement as well as the Cornell College & UMC Relationship.