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Free faculty/staff MINDFULNESS & ENERGY MEDICINE 4-Week Course
Wed. April 29 – Wed May 20th (3:15 – 4:30pm) via Zoom

Register now for this free 4 week course open to Cornell faculty and staff.  Learning focus: Relieve stress, improve well-being, and cultivate greater self-compassion and skillfulness with fear.  Participants experience four learning & support sessions and commit to a daily practice (10 min. minimum), keep a practice log, and glean personal insight through brief reading. Includes both seated and movement-based, breath & energy centered practices.  Space limited.  Led by certified mindfulness & meditation instructor (CQE). To register, email cquehl-engel by Monday April 27.

MODULE 1: Intro to mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, & energy medicine

Skill-building practices & their benefits: 
1. Breath Awareness Meditation
2. Lower Belly Breathing Meditation (& pre-meditation shifting into healthier lower belly b.)
3. Grounding Cord, Back Body, & Lower Dantian Meditations
4. Open Energy Pathways: Spring Forest Qigong (Contentment) 

MODULE 2:  Relating to monkey mind, self-judgment, sadness & fear. Also shifting from the body’s Fight or Flight mode to Relaxation Response

Skill-building practices & their benefits:

  1. Chair yoga (simple & brief pre-meditation)
  2. Grounding: Deep Still Water Meditation (Deeper Self)
  3. Open Energy Pathways for Well-being & Inner Peace (EEM Nine Hearts moving meditation)
  4. Gatha Meditation -- OR --Transfiguration (Inner Light) Meditation 

MODULE 3: Relating to aversions; reducing suffering; what acceptance does & doesn’t mean; unclenching vs. softening and becoming vastness

Skill-building practices & their benefits:

  1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (pre-meditation)
  2. Soften & Unclench Body Scan meditation
  3. Guided Imagery  
  4. Labeling Thought/Feelings Meditation
  5. 10 Minute Daily Energy Medicine Routine

MODULE 4:  Evidence-based research on psycho-physical & psycho-social benefits of heart-focused meditation.  Use of this practice with teachers, emergency responders, sports teams, corporations, & collective consciousness projects.  Also simple qigong.

  1. Skill-building practices & their benefits:
  2. Radiant Heart Meditation – seated & version occurring amid daily activities & encounters.
  3. Compassion Meditation
  4. SF Qigong – Moving Yin & Yang Energy & Heaven Touching Earth

Class reading:  Choose one of the following:

Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Wherever You Go There You Are,

 Holly Rogers’ The Mindful 20 Something: Life Skills to Handle Stress….and Everything Else