Private Prayer, Meditation & Reflection
In an era of constant noise and busyness, Allee Chapel offers a space for silence and healing peace. Allee is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. for private prayer, meditation, and reflection. 

Allee Chapel is also used throughout the year for small gatherings of spiritual refreshment and nurture, worship, group meditation, healing peace vigils, AA open meetings, weddings, memorials and more.   Still, know that Allee is primarily a place where you can come to experience sacred silence, or to expressions and needs of the soul. 

Near the entrance of Allee Chapel you will find a book in which you can anonymously record prayers gratitudes or of intercession on behalf of self, others, or places in the world experiencing brokenness.  These prayers will be lifted by up the chaplain and, depending on the time of the month, by members of the Chaplain & Spiritual Life's interfaith and Christian spiritual gatherings which meet during each block.  

Elsewhere in the Chapel you will find prayerbooks from differing traditions,  zafu meditation cushions,  a prayer beads from a several different traditions (Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim).  A prayer rug hanging in the north east corner of the chapel marks Quiblah, the direction toward Mecca. 

Reserving Allee Chapel
If you would like information about reserving Allee Chapel for a sacred ceremony or other gathering of a spiritual nature, please contact the Info Desk at 319-895-4334 or email Allee Chapel holds up to approximately 80 people. 

NOTE: Reserving the chapel does not, for example, guarantee availability of the chaplain to officiate weddings and other such services.  Moreover student orgs wanting to use this space will have to seek approval of both Samantha Hebel via Meeting Room Manager as well as permission from the chaplain to ensure not only availability but also that use of the space for spiritual purposes (thus honoring the intention of the building's donors).