Please refer to our Emergency Information Guide for phone numbers and instructions in the event of an emergency

Reporting crimes and emergencies

The Cornell Campus Safety Department along with the College always strongly encourages victims of ALL crimes to report them both to the Campus Safety office and to the Mt. Vernon Police Department.  It's important to report a crime, no matter how insignificant it seems.  Sometimes police can fit your problem into a pattern developing in the city.  Reporting a crime is the only way to keep the same person from hurting or stealing from someone else.

To report a crime, members of the campus community should call the Campus Safety office at extension 4299 or go to the Campus Safety Office in the lower level of the Ebersole building.

If you are a student (living on or off campus), you may report a crime to the police, seek internal college support, and pursue conduct actions if the incident involved another.  Cornell College Campus Safety is available to all community members, and will arrange a neutral meeting place for your initial meeting with the police and, if you wish, a representative of the College will accompany you.  Once you report a criminal instance to the police, the College has no control over the investigation and the legal process that may result.

If you intend to report a theft to your insurance company, you must file a police report.

Campus emergencies

The Cornell College campus community is instructed to call the Campus Safety Office at extension 4299 in the event of a campus emergency.  This phone call will activate an emergency response protocol.  This protocol includes for notification of Campus Safety personnel, police, fire or medical teams to respond to your location immediately.  Other appropriate campus authorities and support services that are available through the College will also be notified.  In case of fire or medical emergencies, the campus community is instructed to dial 911 first, and then to contact the Campus Safety office at extension 4299.  Always give your location, nature of the emergency, and be prepared to respond to questions or instructions.  Do not hang up until told to do so.