Cornell Fellows are placed in a wide variety of professional roles and industries across the United States. During the course of what is normally an eight-week experience, Fellows accomplish tangible and complex projects that allow them to contribute to their host organization as well as develop significant insight into a potential career path.


Amanda Bentz '18 
Karin L. Bostrom Fellow in Theatre Fabrication & Design
Puppet Kitchen; New York, NY

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Sydney Cooper '18
Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Research (In memory of Merlin "Pat" Dreibelbis '39)
Children's Hospital Colorado; Aurora, CO

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Jennifer Davis '18
Arthur Vining Davis Fellow in Clinical Research
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics; Iowa City, IA

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Polina Durneva '18
Bahnick Fellow in Business & Finance
Teacher Created Materials; Huntington Beach, CA

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Baley Good '18
Mathews International Fellow in Wildlife Conservation
Global Vision International; Tortuguero, Costa Rica

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Kimberly Gordon '19
Jon and Jean Reynolds International Fellow in Russian Studies
SOAR International Ministries; Podolsk, Russia

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Chace Huntzinger '18
Arthur Vining Davis Fellow in Politics
Global Zero; Washington, D.C.

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Charlotte Imlach '18
Wallman Fellow in Neurology & Medicine
Mayo Clinic; Rochester, MN

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Kelly Mickael '18
Black Fellow in Wildlife Research & Conservation
North American Bear Center; Ely, MN

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Allegra Murphy '18
DeVaughan Fellow in Criminal Justice
Cook County Public Defender's Office; Chicago, IL

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Aaron Nealy '17
Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Social Psychology (In memory of Merlin "Pat" Dreibelbis '39)
Fort Hays State University; Hays, KS

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Sydney Pratt '19
Chaffin International Fellow in Music Education & Therapy
SINAMUNE; Quito, Ecuador  

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Hannah Robertson '18
Global Zero Fellow in Communication and International Policy
Global Zero; Washington, D.C. 

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Rosemary Vigil '19
Slater Fellow in Arts Administration & Theatre
Creede Repertory Theatre; Creede, CO

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Jennifer Walter '17
Rogers Fellow in Environmental Studies
Baruch Institute for Marine & Coastal Sciences; Georgetown, SC

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Academic Year:

Leah Bossom '17
Black International Fellow in Education
Katoomba North Public School; New South Wales, Australia

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Elissa Karim '18 
Global Zero Fellow in International Policy
Global Zero; Washington, D.C. 

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Isabel Stone '17
Whitaker-Hellwig Fellow in Language & Foreign Policy
Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Department of State; Arlington, VA 

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