Andrews Fellow in Non-Profit & Community Education

Project Rousseau: Hyde Park Academy
Chicago, IL

Aims of the Fellowship

My fellowship will be completed through Project Rousseau, whose mission is to improve access to education and to raise academic outcomes for under-served youth across the nation. Broadening Horizons and Community Service are pillar programs of Project Rousseau that expose students to new environments, people and cultures-to encourage them to dream bigger for their futures and empowering them to improve their own lives as well as the lives of others.

My project is to design a Broadening Horizons and Community Service calendar for the fall semester for Project Rousseau students at Hyde Park Academy in Chicago. This will allow more events to take place and with less work being put on the volunteers. I will be talking to the key volunteers in Chicago to ensure the calendar is easy to use and fits their needs. I will also be recruiting mentors from DePaul and the University of Chicago for the students at Hyde Park Academy. 

I hope to gain an understanding of how Project Rousseau works with its partner schools and volunteers, get experience working in a professional environment, and have the opportunity to plan a variety of events tailored to specific audiences. 

Faculty Sponsor

Alice Ganzel, Psychology

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