Knapp Fellow in Animal Behavior and Conservation

SeaWorld Orlando
Orlando, FL 

Aims of the Fellowship

SeaWorld is one of the world’s foremost zoological organizations and collectively cares for one of the largest zoological collections on the North American continent.  Their commitment to animals extends around the world through significant financial contributions and resource support for conservation, wildlife rescue and education programs worldwide.  

I will learn how to communicate conservation messages to children of all ages, and how a for-profit organization runs their education department. I'm also learning about the rules and regulations of an AZA accredited institution, the different departments that make up a zoo/aquarium, and steps to take to further my career in marine mammal training. This opportunity will allow me to make professional connections in my field, refine my knowledge of marine organisms and gain experience in elementary and middle school education and child psychology. 

Faculty Sponsor

Melinda Green, Psychology

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