Watson International Fellow in Political Research

Law Offices of Andrea Moore
Kingston, Jamaica 

Aims of the Fellowship

My project will be focusing on the recent news of implementing gender quotas into the Jamaican political system in order with the objective of getting more women represented in politics.  In March 2016, the Jamaican government announced that there will be short term implementation of gender quotas in the Parliament, as well as other forms of leadership on a local level. The gender quotas have not yet been implemented, nor has there been an explicit percentage set out for the minimum amounts of seats reserved for women, so the research I would be doing would be done just at the wake of the implement of these quotas. The question I want to analyze is how the gender quota is being received by the Jamaican public, on both a grassroots and national level. I also want to compare the effect of the gender quotas in economically and politically similar countries to predict whether Jamaica will have a similar success of being able to reach the gender quota that will be integrated into the political system.

Faculty Sponsor

David Yamanishi, Professor of Politics

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