Cornell Fellows are placed in a wide variety of professional roles and industries across the United States. During the course of what is normally an eight-week experience, Fellows accomplish tangible and complex projects that allow them to contribute to their host organization as well as develop significant insight into a potential career path.

Setsen Altan-Ochir '15
Rogers Fellow in Environmental Studies
University of South Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina

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Katherine Banks '15
Black Fellow in Political Communications
Center for American Progress; Washington, DC

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Gerin Eaton '15
Chaffin International Fellow in Religious Studies
L'Abri Fellowship; Greatham, England

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Kelsey King '15
Bahnick Fellow in Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
Microbial Ecology Laboratory, Iowa State University; Ames, IA

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Rose Reed-Maxfield '15
Albright Fellow in Youth Advocacy
Harriet Tubman Center; Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Elijah Schumacher '15
Black Fellow in Conservation Biology
Azafady Conservation Program; Tolagnaro, Madagascar

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James Thompson '15
Hanson Fellow in Accounting
Teacher Created Materials; Huntington Beach, California

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Norean Bailey '17
McKean Fellow in Psychiatry
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine; Iowa City, IA

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Sarah Bertschy '16
Price Fellow in Urban Policy Research
U.S. Conference of Mayors; Washington, D.C.

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Kenny Capesius '16
Jeffries Fellow in Whistleblower Litigation
Simmer Law Group, PLLC; Washington, D.C. 

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Peter Catchings '16
Benton Fellow in Legal Studies
Christensen & Ehret, LLP; Chicago, IL

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Sara Cooper '16
Slater Fellow in Theatrical Development
Creede Repertory Theatre; Creede, CO

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Andrew Crow '16
Carhart Fellow in Clinical Psychology
Iowa ADHD and Development Lab; Iowa City, IA

Andrew's Blog   Andrew's Showcase Video

Tom Dang '17
Norton Fellow in Accounting
Teacher Created Materials; Huntington Beach, CA

Tom's Blog   Tod's Showcase Video

Maria Goodfellow '16
Clifford Fellow in Orthopedic Research
Children's Hospital Colorado; Aurora, CO

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Kyra Koehler '16
Lunt Fellow in Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention
Baylor College of Medicine SMART Program; Houston, TX

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Becca Lensing '16
Cornell Fellow in Evolution & Molecular Biology
Genetics Research Laboratory, North Carolina State University; Raleigh, NC

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Thao Luu '16
Becker Fellow in Neurology
Mayo Clinic; Rochester, MN

Thao's Blog   Thao's Showcase Video

Clare McCarthy '16
Kendig Fellow in Journalism
Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism (IowaWatch); Iowa City, IA

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April Richards '16
Rogers Fellow in Environmental Studies
Baruch Marine Field Lab; Hobcaw Barony, SC

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Dan Rohovit '16
DeVaughan Fellow in Non-Profit Education
Barbershop Harmony Society; Nashville, TN

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Jared Rowe '16
Kynett Fellow in International Relations
Casa Verde; Limon, Nicaragua

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Christina Rueth '16
Henderson Fellow in Marketing Communications
Teacher Created Materials; Huntington Beach, CA

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