Keeler International Fellow in Cross-Cultural Psychology

Phu My Orphanage and Medical Clinic

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Aims of the Fellowship

During my six week internship, I will assist children and young adults who suffer from disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Down's syndrome. I will be working at the Phu My Orphanage and Medical Clinic. I will be trained and expected to assist in providing rehabilitation exercises and therapeutic treatments for the children. Further psychotherapy will be provided for the children through playing and educating them with games, music, art therapies and physical exercises. Treatment will involve one on one therapy as well as group therapy. I will also be involved with helping plan activities for the children. The primary goal of this fellowship is to increase the quality of life of these children. My work will be providing the children with support, and assisting their mental and physical development. The treatment is designed not only to assist the patients, but to teach them how to care for themselves and gain an independent lifestyle. Another goal and benefit of this fellowship is that it provides me with a real world application of what I have learned as a psychology major. Not only can I apply what I have learned at Cornell but I undoubtedly learn new skills, in a multicultural setting.

Faculty Sponsor

Sue Astley, Psychology

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