Ricker Fellow in Urban Policy Development

US Conference of Mayors

Washington, DC

Aims of the Fellowship

The first half of my fellowship centers on preparation for and attending the USCM Annual Meeting in Dallas at the end of June. For this, I will aid in planning and preparing various aspects of the conference, including information to be distributed, summarizing key literature, etc. Specifically, I’ll be helping with the meeting for the Council on Metro Economies and the New American City and a financial education workshop. After, and perhaps during, preparation for the meeting, I will be working on a project researching income inequality, the policy solutions to such inequalities, and the effectiveness of these policies. These research efforts will culminate in a paper that will serve to provide background information to those involved with the US Conference of Mayors, specifically in discussions of minimum wage and education policies that will be discussed in a July task force meeting in New York. The paper may lend (or remove) credence to claims about the merits of specific policies that are the topics of conversation.

Faculty Sponsor

Robert Sutherland, Politics

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