Before filling out the application form below, please make sure you have read through the eligibility requirements and completed all tasks on the application checklist. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and students are encouraged to apply by or before the following deadlines (or deadline listed for specific site) to be considered for summer funding.

Priority Deadline: Block 5: January 22, 2019 (recommended for existing sites and those who have secured an internship site already)

Final Deadline: Block 7: March 22, 2019

Academic year applications should be submitted 60-90 days prior to internship start date. Early applications are encouraged. We understand that many programs may not have notified students of acceptance until later in the spring, so applications received after deadlines will be accommodated when possible. Fellowships will be awarded on merit on a first-come, first-served basis.

Deadlines for existing fellowship sites can change without notice, particularly if multiple applicants for the same role are expected. Student applying for existing sites are encouraged to check back regularly in case the deadline may have changed. 


  • Preference is given to students who have at least sophomore standing at the time of application.
  • All students selected for fellowships must be enrolled at the College for the entire duration of the fellowship and present at a Cornell Fellows Showcase.
  • Students must earn academic credit as part of their Cornell Fellowship experience.
  • The fellowship experience must be approximately 8 weeks/2 blocks in duration and can take place during the summer or during the academic year. 
  • Students completing fellowships during their senior year must be enrolled in at least one course on campus following the conclusion of the fellowship.
  • Students may apply for multiple fellowships, but selection is limited to one fellowship per student.
  • Applications submitted without sufficient time before the start of the fellowship are less likely to be approved.

Application checklist

  1. Secure a faculty sponsor and recommendation. All Cornell Fellows must have a faculty sponsor agree to award credit for their internship and complete the Cornell Fellows Faculty Recommendation Form to accompany their application. The faculty sponsor is also responsible for providing guidance and support to the Cornell Fellow during the fellowship experience. The student's application will not be considered until the recommendation is completed.

    Dimensions Fellows (Mayo Clinic, Children's Hospital) ONLY: Your faculty sponsor does not need to complete the recommendation form above unless you are selected for the fellowship experience. You should, however, notify your faculty sponsor that Dimensions (Mark Kendall or Jai Shanata) may reach out to her/him for comment on your aptitude and suitability for the fellowship.

  2. Update your resume with the Berry Career Institute. A resume outlining your academic, co-curricular, work, volunteer, and leadership experiences is necessary to help the screening committee review your credentials for the fellowship. The resume should be error free. All resumes must be reviewed by a staff member in the Berry Career Institute prior to submission to the Cornell Fellows Program. Make an appointment. 
  3. Write your proposal. Except for Dimensions students, this is not a personal statement but a combination of a proposal and a cover. It should provide background on the site, your qualifications, and how it relates to your career goals. It should be free of grammatical and spelling errors and no less than 2-3 pages in length. Some elements of this essay will be the same as the essay you submit for internship course credit. Please feel free to use as much or as little of the same content as you feel is appropriate. Your proposal must be reviewed by a staff member in the Writing Studio or Berry Career Institute prior to submission to the Cornell Fellows Program. Proposals must include the following elements:
    • A brief overview of your knowledge of the organization and how you found out about it.
    • Why the fellowship interests you and what projects might you be working on.
    • What skills and experience you have that will allow you to contribute to the organization. Be specific. 
    • What you hope to gain from the fellowship experience and how it helps you work towards your academic and career goals.
    • **Dimensions Fellows ONLY (Mayo Clinic, Children's Hospital) : Your proposal should essentially be treated more like a personal statement and the single most important piece with which your application is judged. You should ensure you answer the above four points to give a sense of your background, motivation and qualifications for this fellowship. It should be 600-900 words in length, and is required to be reviewed by a member at the Writing Studio prior to submission.
  4. Create a budget estimate. Utilize the sample budget worksheet to estimate how much you will need to spend on food, transportation, housing, and possible training supplies during your internship and consider having it looked at by a BCI staff member before submitting your application.
  5. Download unofficial transcript. You will need to submit an unofficial copy of your academic transcript as part of your application. Choose the print option and instead of selecting a printer, select PDF to save.
  6. Complete the application below and submit your documents. 
  7. Schedule a mock interview. After submitting your application, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete an in-person mock interview with Rebecca Sullens prior to their official interview with the Cornell Fellows selection committee.

Please note that Cornell Fellows funding is generally awarded to offset expenses for housing, transportation, food, and supplies. Proposals which include the use of fellowship funds to pay for the academic credit or administrative program fees charged by organizations to have a student participate in their program may not be considered.

Cornell Fellows applicants are required to meet with the Berry Career Institute or Writing Studio to review materials before submitting final documents. The purpose of the review is to provide feedback on content to ensure all needed information is included in the application. If you have not had your resume, proposal, or budget looked at by a member of our staff, please schedule an appointment to do so before applying.

If you have any problems with uploading your supporting materials, please contact Rebecca Sullens.

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