In addition to funding Cornell Fellowships, The Berry Career Institute provides financial support for expenses associated with experiential learning outside of the Cornell Fellows Program. The majority of this funding is awarded to students pursuing internships and research opportunities, however, conference attendance where students have been asked to present or share research, as well as costs associated with certifications that provide professional credentialing and give back to Cornell will be considered. 

Deadlines for Funding Requests

  • Blocks 1-8: 60 days prior to internship or other experience
  • Summer: March 19, 2020 (1st Thursday of Block 7)

Maximum award amounts:

  • U.S. based experiences: $1,500
  • Internationally based experiences: $2,000

Additional funding is also available from the Robert Bunting Experiential Learning Endowed Fund to support internships and conference participation in the areas of for-profit entrepreneurship, free enterprise, and free market economics. Possible opportunities in these areas would be at the Mises Institute and with The Heartland Institute.

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