Norton Geology Building on Cornell College campus with the trees in the fall

2018-2019 Costs Breakdown
Tuition $41,874
Residence $4,326
Dining $5,058
Technology and activity fees $425
Health insurance, books, and transportation $4,837
Total $56,520

Contact our Financial Assistance office at if you have any questions. 

Scholarships for international students

All Cornell scholarships are renewable. If you get a first-year scholarship, you may continue to receive it until you graduate as long as you maintain satisfactory academic progress and graduate within four years.

First-year scholarships and awards
Trustee Scholarship $30,000
Presidential Scholarship $26,000
Dean’s Scholarship $22,000
Community Enrichment Award $15,000
Legacy Award $2,000
Transfer merit scholarships
Achievement Scholarship $25,000
Trustee Scholarship $20,000
Presidential Scholarship $17,000
Dean’s Scholarship $15,000
Founder’s Scholarship $12,000

In addition to merit scholarships, you may qualify to add on additional scholarships that are based on your interests. These scholarships may require additional steps beyond your application for admission.