Hometown: Monmouth, Ill.

About Me: I am a 2014 graduate of Cornell and I am excited to be back! I have a Bachelor of Special Studies (B.S.S.) in English and Secondary Education. While at Cornell I tried my best to stay active. In addition to many jobs and activities, I was a resident advisor, the sports editor for the Royal Purple (Cornell’s yearbook), and a three-year starting offensive lineman for the football team. I enjoy working out and anything superhero related.  

One place I recommend students visit on campus: Cole Library! You will be spending a lot of time in the library for group project meetings, tutoring, work, and other class related tasks, but you should definitely go back on a day when you have some free time. Grab a fun book from the young adult section and relax. My favorite reading spots are anywhere in front of the giant windows on the third floor which is also a great spot to chat with friends or simply put on headphones and listen to music.        

What I can do for you: I am here to make your transition from high school to Cornell College as easy as possible! I want to help out with everything from what you should put on your application to what you should bring in your suitcase. Contact me and I’ll help out with any questions or concerns you might have.