They say that patience is a virtue, but sometimes it’s just hard to wait. Like when you’re applying to your top college choices and waiting to see if you got in.

At Cornell visiting high school seniors can skip all that, you can find out if you qualify for admission and what kind of merit scholarship you’re eligible for while you’re on campus* in one hour or less.

Here’s the 5 step process:

  1. When you sign up for your Cornell visit, check the box for “High 5 Interview”
  2. Send us a copy of your latest transcript at least 3 days before your visit—unofficial transcripts are just fine
  3. Come to campus
  4. Meet with your admission counselor and get your answer before you leave
  5. There is no #5, it’s even easier than you thought

You’ll leave campus knowing if you qualify and what kind of merit scholarship award to expect. But, you’re not fully admitted just yet. There are a few details we will need to wrap up.

  1. You must complete your application to Cornell College. Did we mention we have three ways you can apply?
    1. Cornell Application (ACT/SAT score and an essay required)
    2. Cornell No-Test Application (Personal portfolio and short answer questions required)
    3. Common Application (ACT/SAT score and an essay required)

2. Send us your official academic transcript

3. Your counselor will review your application materials, and once we’ve verified your information is accurate, you’ll receive your official acceptance letter and admitted student package.

* If you need an answer fast but you won’t be on campus right away, we can do High 5 interviews via SkypeTM too. Contact your admission counselor to make arrangements.