The block plan moves quickly and if you feel you are not understanding the material, it is good to sign up for a tutor right away! 

If you feel you are strong in a class, you may wish to sign up to BE a tutor.  We will check with the faculty and if they agree you are a strong tutor candidate, you will be paid for each hour you tutor and the hours will vary based on the campus needs each block.

The Office for Academic Support and Advising handles tutoring for most classes on campus, including foreign languages. 

The exception is writing, in which case you should make an appointment with a Writing Studio staff member and math classes, in which case we like you to start with the Quantitative Reasoning Center and come here for a tutor if you need additional help. Both of those are offered in the Center for Teaching and Learning. Some science courses and ECB courses will give you their own tutors, please use those tutors before you use the tutor list.

Tutor Forms

Request a free private tutor.   After you fill out the form you will see a list of approved tutors and may email someone from that list.  If one tutor is busy, please try another.  

If you see your course and a  tutor on the list, email that person and give them both your email and your phone number so the tutor can reach you.  In the email give: your name, the course name, a quick summary of the problem you are having and when you might be free to meet for tutoring.  You may also want to give the tutor a sense of how many hours per week you will need.  If the tutor has time to tutor you, he/she will write back and set up time and place to meet. If TWO tutors turn you down, see Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising in person, never let more than 48 hours go without setting up a tutoring meeting.  Please try to avoid using close friends as tutors or tutoring time can quickly desolve into socializing.

Application to BE a tutor (minimum wage paid position)

Fill out the above forms and return to the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising.

Forms To Fill Out To Get Paid as a Tutor (Fill these out if you are not already working somewhere else on campus. Please complete all four documents and bring them along with proper identification to the Business Services Desk, 1st Floor, Old Sem between the hours of 8:30 – 4:00 M-F)

Log to Fill Out at End of Each Block documenting whom you tutored and when. Turn this in to the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising on the last day of the block so she can have it to compare with your timecard. She will also issue surveys to the tutees so you can have feedback as a tutor.

Timecard:  If you go to the student portal on the webpage you should see "timecard" listed on the left hand side of the page under Campus Links.  Click on that to fill out your hours on the timecard for Academic Advising/tutoring. Notify your supervisor if you do not see a timecard listed.

See the link on this page for Tutor Training before you start tutoring.   Thank you for your service!