Academic Support and Disability Services

Welcome to the offices of Academic Support and Disability Services!  Chelsea Plunkett, Coordinator of Academic Support, works with students in areas related to academic support such as connecting students to tutors, meeting to discuss study strategies, and helping students with time management. Amy Robasse, Coordinator of Disability Services, works with students with disabilities by providing academic accommodations and housing accommodations to qualified students.

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Strategies for Successfully Navigating an Online Course (from the CTL)

Additional Tips for Online Courses:

  • If possible, print your syllabus/class schedule so you have a physical copy to "check off" as you complete work.
  • Set up your academic space - if possible, have a dedicated, yet comfortable, learning space. Do you work better alone?  Or with others? Find that balance - get creative to create a barrier around yourself if needed - use binders, books, poster board, etc. to create a "library carrel" for your space and don't forget headphones to block out the noise.
  • Try to minimize distractions when you are in "class mode."  (ask your family/roommates to stay off Netflix while you have a synchronous class session, ask someone to entertain the dog or a younger sibling for that hour)
  • Shower and dress each day to be "online for academic work" - it may help you stay focused and feel more like a "real class time."
  • Set timers for yourself to work for a set amount of time and then take a break for a set amount of time.  Your phone can be a great way to do this!
  • Set up a daily routine for yourself.  Schedule in some downtime, some social time with friends via chat/video games/etc.  Don't forget to eat regularly!  
  • Try to move around as much as possible to help relieve stress - if you can't go outside for a walk or bike ride, you can do stretches, yoga, and more at home easily.  Reverend Catherine will be posting youtube videos for students with many of these that you can do in any space.
  • If you take medication, you may need to adjust the time at which you take it if you are now in a different time zone, depending on what time you are expected to interact with class material.
  • Use lists each day for tasks, broken down into small, achievable steps.
  • Communicate regularly with your professor.
  • Arrange a virtual "study hall" with friends via Zoom, Facetime, or Google Hangout!  Encourage each other to get your academic work done!
  • Ask questions!