Following is a list of individuals who will provide evaluations for Learning Disabilities (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), or Psychiatric Disabilities.  Please note that a number of other individuals may be qualified to provide evaluations.  We suggest that you consult with multiple providers.  It is in your best interest to compare providers in order to obtain one that best fits your needs.

When comparing providers, obtain the following information:

1. Cost of evaluation

2. Insurance coverage available

3. Time required to obtain results of an evaluation

4. Willingness of provider to schedule an additional meeting after the assessment to explain the results of the testing and to answer questions.

RESOURCES FOR EVALUATION: (LD, ADHD, and Psychiatric Disabilities)

Conditt Psychology Services

715 W. 1st St.

Cedar Falls, IA

Phone: 319.277.1020

Fax: 319.266.6490

ADHD Clinic of Eastern Iowa

3100 E. Ave. NW, Ste. 101

Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

Phone: 319.396.1066

Fax: 319.396.8779

Cedar Centre Psychiatric Group

1730 1st Ave. NE

Cedar Rapids, IA  52046-1408

Phone: 319.365.3993

Fax: 319.364.0116

Family Psychological Associates, P.C.

1221 Center Point Rd. NE

Cedar Rapids, IA  52402

Phone: 319.378.1199


Mercy Medical Center

701 10th St. SE

Cedar Rapids, IA  52403

Phone: 319.398.6575


Patricia McGuire, M.D.

2215 Westdale Dr. SW

Cedar Rapids, IA  52404

Phone: 319.365.1006

Fax: 319.365.1038

Belin-Blank Center

600 Blank Honors Center

Iowa City, IA  52242-0454

Phone: 319.335.6148


Gersh, Hartson, and Associates, P.C.

1027 Rochester Ave.

Iowa City, IA  52245

Phone: 319.338.9960


Center for Behavioral Health

36 West Park Lane

Waterloo, IA  50701

Phone: 319.234.7481

Fax: 319.234.5774

Clinical Health Psychologists, PLC

3356 Kimball Ave., Ste. 500

Waterloo, IA  50702

Phone: 319.226.5301

Fax: 319.226.5303

Psychiatric Associates of Northeast Iowa, P.C.

146 W. Dale St., Ste. 101

Waterloo, IA  50703

Phone: 319.233.3351

Fax: 319.235.3132