General guidelines

Cornell College is committed to working with students with disabilities to ensure equal access and nondiscrimination in the activities and programs the College offers.

There are many differences in how accommodations are handled between the high school level and college, including:

  • Students have more responsibility in the accommodation process at the college level. This is one part of the increased responsibility and independence college students experience, and it also applies to disability accommodation.
  • Accommodations provided in high school may not necessarily be available or appropriate at the postsecondary level. An IEP or 504 is not adequate documentation for college.

Student responsibility

  • Submit current documentation from a professional source qualified to evaluate the particular disability. The documentation must verify the nature of the disability, what functional limitations it presents, and what specific accommodations are needed. We recommend documentation for new students reach campus by August 1st if at all possible.
  • Notify the instructor of each course in which you wish to use accommodations. This must be done no later than the third day of each term

Additional information

More information about Cornell's procedures and accommodations is available on the Disability Services section of Cornell's website.

For more information contact:
Coordinator of Academic Support & Advising (Disability Services Coordinator)
Phone: 319-895-4382
FAX: 319-895-5187