Because the process of making a text available in alternate format can be time consuming and we want you to have the text when you start class, please make a request for alternative textbooks 4 weeks in advance. This generally means making the request on the first day of class for the block BEFORE the block you need the text.
Example: You need a text for block 6, you would request it on day one of Block 5.  

If you make a request closer to when you need it, we will make every effort to fulfill that request but we can not guarantee it. If a text is not available in audio or PDF, we may need to ask for your purchased copy of textbook to cut off the spine, scan it and then re-bind it. This is a last resort and we would do this over the block break just before your block begins.

To request an alternate form of textbook, please email the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising and give name of course and ISBN number for the textbook in question. You should also scan your receipt or forward web confirmation of having ordered the book in question (most publishers require proof of receipt); but you can make request before producing receipt. Just get it in as soon as possible as it may expedite the process.

You may, instead, fill out the following form: Alternative Text Request Form

If you need a PDF provided by faculty to made more accessible, email the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising right away with the name of course, professor and article in question.