NSO Parent/Advisor Meeting

You will be assigned a room with 2-3 faculty colleagues for a session that allows parents of first-year students a chance to ask their child’s advisor questions.  Note this meeting is NOT designed for a discussion of specific concerns about a particular student, but rather for parents to learn more about academic advising at the college.

Suggested Topics include:

  • Discuss the nature and advantages of a Liberal Arts Education.

  • Discuss the key components of the advising relationship.

    • Discuss your role as an advisor.  

    • Discuss expectations for sharing information between advisors and students.

      • While students are ultimately responsible for their own choices, advisors need to know what is going on in order to be helpful.  Students need to consult with their advisors before creating or changing their course schedules. Students also need to seek out their advisors (or other faculty members) when they are having academic difficulties.  Early contact and discussion is essential given the pace of the block plan.

      • The most important piece of advice that seasoned parents have for the parents of new students is, “It is never too early to seek help from your advisor.” (Emphasize that this advice comes from parents, and that it should be students--not parents--who should be seeking advisors help.)  

    • Discuss expectations for sharing information between advisors and parents.

      • Be clear that the advising relationship is with the student and that you rarely discuss advising issues with parents.

      • Outline the fact that neither academic faculty nor staff can release academic information to parents unless students sign a release of confidentiality form.  If students sign a release of confidentiality form, then we can discuss some academic information with parents.  Also note that this is a federal law, not a Cornell College policy. For further information, direct parents to the student portal.