Tutor training occurs in-person at least once per academic year, however tutors who are hired will be added to a Moodle class for ongoing online training throughout the year.  

General guidelines for content tutoring is listed below.  All tutors must review the following guidelines each block before they begin tutoring. 

1.  Do not do the homework FOR the student.  Work an example if you want to, but let the student show you how they are working on a problem so that you can see where they are going wrong and then help the student learn how to do it correctly.

2.  Don't assume you know where the student is struggling.  Ask the student how he/she would like to use this time.  If they don't have any ideas, then you can start by looking at their assignments and seeing how much they know about how to proceed with that assignment.

3.  Keep track of your time with the student for your timecard.   Do not wait more than 15 minutes for  a student and if they fail to show up for an appointment or are routinely late, notify the coordinator and let the student know they may be assigned to a new tutor.   It's okay for the student to know your time is valuable.

4.  If you are confused about something in the materials, feel free to contact the professor teaching the course to ask about the material so that you can better explain it to the student. 

5.  Always meet in a common space.  Do not meet in a residence hall room, lounges or public spaces in residence halls are fine.  This protects both people involved in tutoring and keeps the focus on academics.

6.  Try to avoid tutoring friends.  It is too easy to start chatting about non-class items and this wastes time (time=$ and we have limited funds for tutoring so want to make the best of them).

7.  Try to start with  1-3 hours per week per student.  If they need more, contact the coordinator to verify this is ok. 

New tutors are encouraged to watch a DVD series of tutor training videos, available to check out from the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising.  Tutors may log up to 2 hours of training time to be paid for through payroll for doing this.  See the coordinator in 309 Cole Library to check out the DVD.

These are some resources that will strengthen your skills as a tutor.

Tutoring students with learning differences (particularly ADHD,etc.) - this video takes about one hour and twenty minutes to watch.

Tutoring students who are writing papers (basics) - this video takes about 20 minutes to watch

If you have problems with a particular student, feel free to see your supervisor for some ideas.   Each student is different and can pose new challenges and potentially a new approach to the tutoring session.

PAPERWORK:   Every two weeks please fill out the following log on students you tutor.  Email it at the same time as you complete your timecard so that you can get paid for your tutoring hours. The coordinator will check your log against your online timecard before approving your timecard.  It is ideal to have both timecard and log updated by every Monday at noon.

Additionally, fill out the student timecard which should be listed on your screen when you are in the Cornell payroll system.  If you do not see a timecard, notify your supervisor right away.