The block plan moves quickly and if you feel you are not understanding the material, it is good to sign up for a tutor right away! 

If you feel you are strong in a class or specific subject, you may wish to apply to become a tutor.  We will check with the faculty and if they agree you are a strong tutor candidate, you will be paid for each hour you tutor and the hours will vary based on the campus needs each block.

The Office for Academic Support and Advising handles tutoring for most classes on campus, including foreign languages. 

The exception is writing, in which case you should make an appointment with a Writing Studio staff member and math classes, in which case we recommend that you start with the Quantitative Reasoning Center and come here for a tutor if you need additional help. Both of those are offered in the Center for Teaching and Learning. Some science courses and ECB courses will give you their own tutors, please use those tutors before you request a tutor through the Academic Support and Advising office.

Tutor Forms

Request a free private tutor.  The Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising will respond to your request within 48 hours, first checking with tutors to determine availability.  If there is a specific tutor you'd like to be paired with, please indicate this information in your application for a tutor. 

Interested in becoming a tutor?  Contact the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising to learn more about this on-campus, paid position.

Tutors will participate in tutor training at least once per academic year.  The Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising coordinates ongoing online tutor training through Moodle, but basic tutoring guidelines can be found on the Tutor Training page.