This exercise is designed to help you learn more about a major that you are considering. It will also help you to find key academic planning resources important to your overall educational experience at Cornell. Choose one major you are very interested in and work through the questions below. You are advised to bring this back to your advisor at some point. He or she might help you fill in any blanks.

View the catalog.

Major to Consider: ______________________________

Date: ________________

  • What is the focus of this major? What areas will you study? (Check the major department’s web site)
  • Which classes in the major do you think will be most challenging for you? Why? (Check the Catalog)
  • Which classes in the major do you think will be the easiest for you? Why? (Check the Catalog)
  • What are the GPA/pre-requisite requirements to be accepted into this major? (Check the Catalog)
  • Do you believe you can meet these requirements? Yes ______ No ______
  • What are the specific Core and/College or School requirements for this major? (Check the Catalog)
  • Can this major be completed in four years? Yes ______ No ______
  • Is graduate work usually required to work in the fields associated with this major? Yes _____ No ____
  • What skills do you think this major require and develop?
  • What kinds of jobs do students with this major pursue?
  • What opportunities does the department this major is in provide for internships or other experiential learning?
  • What student organizations are associated with this major or area of interest?
  • How might Education Abroad programs fit with this major?
  • Now that you have learned much more about this major, will you continue to consider it? Why or why not?