To: Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
From: Erin Davis, Interim Dean of the College
Date: January 24, 2020
Re: The Howard and Doris Troyer Faculty Award

The College is pleased to announce the availability of support for faculty projects, funded by the generosity of an anonymous donor. The Howard and Doris Troyer Faculty Award provides $3,000 for a faculty member’s major scholarly or creative project and is intended to assist the award winner to complete (or to make considerable progress toward the completion of) this project over the year in which the award is conferred. The project should be substantive. It should culminate in a piece of work (a book, a research project, a conference, a community project, an art exhibit, a musical composition, a play, etc.) published by, shown to, performed for, or in some other way recognized by academic or other professional peers beyond the Cornell community. While the likelihood that the project will affect the content of the faculty member’s courses is a strength to be mentioned in the proposal, the primary goal of the award is to foster recognition of Cornell’s faculty in the intellectual and creative life of the world beyond the Hilltop.

This award is named for Howard Troyer, who served as Dean of the College from 1957-1969.

General Guidelines:

  1. The award may be used to support expenses directly related to the project (travel, books, etc.) or may come in the form of a salary supplement (taxable income). If the award is used to support expenses, funds will be available May 8, 2020, and must be expended in full by June 30, 2021. These funds will be disbursed upon submission of receipts of related expenses or documentation of costs incurred. If the award is taken in the form of a taxable salary supplement, the faculty stipend will be paid in two equal installments: one on July 24, 2020, and one on August 21, 2020.

  2. The funds should not be used to support the purchase of equipment, computers, hardware, software, printers, and other computing accessories, unless preapproved by the Dean. (These items can be requested through the College’s regular process for capital requests.)

  3. Awarded funds must be used for the purposes described in the proposal. If the faculty member wishes to use the funds in any other way, the Dean must be consulted in advance to seek approval of the change.

  4. The Howard and Doris Troyer Faculty Award winner will be expected to submit a report on the outcome of his or her work by August 31, 2021. The grantee cannot be considered for additional faculty development funding if this report is not filed.

Application Procedure:

The Divisional Council will evaluate all proposals and make recommendations to the Dean of the College.

Online proposals for the Troyer Award should include:

  1. A  brief description of the project, including a clear statement of the research question, the purpose and significance of the project, the major points of exploration, or a description of the creative project in terms of its conceptual foundation, scope and significance, and projected final shape.

  2. An explanation of the research or creative process to be employed, including the manner of evaluating the quality of the work (i.e., to what group of peers in what venue – a conference, a gallery – will the work be submitted?)

  3. If applicable, a statement explaining student involvement.

  4. An estimate of the duration of the project, major steps or stages within it, and an approximate date of completion.

  5. If applying for expenses related to the project, an itemized budget, with justification for each item. If your budget includes travel expenses, please be careful to follow the Business Expense Reimbursement Policy on the Business Services webpage. The total amount awarded for meals will be capped at $230 (with no single day’s food reimbursement to exceed $46). Applicants may request additional daily amounts for those cities with higher rates as established by the IRS. However, the maximum amount requested cannot exceed $230 (the equivalent of five days).

Proposals should be submitted using the online form by March 6, 2020 for projects to be undertaken during the 2020-21 academic year or during the summer of 2020. Acknowledgement of receipt of the proposal will be sent. Retain a copy for your file. Awards will be announced by the end of March 2020.