TO:  All Faculty

FROM: Joe Dieker, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

DATE: October 11, 2016

SUBJECT: Richard and Norma Small Distinguished Professorship


In the spring we will select the next Richard and Norma Small Distinguished Professorship at Cornell College.  The appointment will be for a two-year, non-renewable term (2017-18 and 2018-19).  

The Small Professorship was established, through the generosity of Richard and Norma Small and their family, to support excellence in teaching and scholarship, and outstanding service to both college and community.  The Small Professorship is particularly intended to honor the work of faculty members who have achieved the rank of full professor at Cornell College, recognizing the critical importance of the continuous, long-term commitment of a faculty community to the life of a residential liberal arts college.

 The basis for selection will be exemplary teaching, advising, service and scholarship, with the understanding that we define scholarship in the broad sense appropriate to a liberal arts college and to include artistic/creative endeavors.  More particularly, the Small Professor should provide leadership in the perpetuation of a vital and invigorating faculty community at Cornell College.

 The Small Professor will receive an annual award of $10,000.  These funds are to be used at the discretion of the appointee during this two-year period, in consultation with the Dean, in ways appropriate to the advancement of his or her work.  The allocation may be used to support scholarly endeavors, course release, student research assistance, course design and improvement, summer projects, scholarly travel, or the acquisition of books.  In the case of course release, $5,000 may be used each year to cover teaching replacement costs, with pre-approval required from the Dean and the department chair.  While these funds are not intended to support the purchase of equipment, computers, hardware, software, printers, and other computing accessories, the Small Professor may consult the Dean to request funding for such items under special circumstances.

 The Small Professor will not be eligible for other Cornell College monetary research awards (except student-faculty research summer stipends) during his or her tenure in the professorship, which extends from the start of the academic year through the final summer of the second year.  He or she will receive the standard Dean’s Office faculty development allocation, if available.

 We welcome self-nominations as well as nominations of colleagues.  Nominations (either from colleagues or self-nominations) should include a brief supporting statement addressing the criteria for the professorship.  Please send nominations to Jessica Dopler by November 23, 2016.

 Once the nominations are received, each nominee will be requested to provide a curriculum vita and a letter of application (no more than two pages) outlining plans for the term of the appointment.  The deadline for submitting these materials will be January 20, 2017

 The Faculty Development Advisory Committee will review the nominations and make recommendations to the Dean and President.

 The holder of the Professorship will be expected to file a brief annual report with the Dean summarizing his or her activities and expenditures.  During the second year, the appointee shall present a Faculty Lecture on a topic of interest to the campus community.

 The award will be announced in late February/early March 2017.