TO: Eligible Faculty

FROM: Joe Dieker, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

DATE: September 10, 2019

SUBJECT: Sabbatical Leave and Support in 2020-21

According to the records of our office, you are eligible to apply for a sabbatical leave during the academic year 2020-2021.

As noted in the Faculty Handbook, faculty members may apply for a one-semester sabbatical leave (release from three course blocks or the equivalent) at full pay or a year-long sabbatical leave at half pay. Considerations related to granting leaves include the substance of the application and financial resources available in any given year. In addition, when more than one faculty member in a given department are eligible, some flexibility in scheduling may be required.

If you wish to apply for sabbatical leave, please send Jessica Dopler a brief statement by October 8, 2019, indicating your intent to apply for leave for the full year or for one semester, and indicating which blocks will be involved. If you do not wish to apply for leave for 2020-2021, please send us a formal notification of your plans to defer.

A formal application for leave, along with a request for Campbell McConnell sabbatical support (if applicable), is due November 12, 2019. Applications for leave are limited to 3-5 pages and should include (a) a description of the project(s) and/or activity, including their priority and sequence; and (b) a statement explaining how the project(s)/activity contributes to your professional development, including immediate and longer-term outcomes. If you wish to apply for support from the Campbell McConnell Fund for your sabbatical activity, please refer to the guidelines that are attached.

Applications for leave and sabbatical support from the Campbell McConnell Fund will be considered by the Divisional Council. Informal notification concerning leave requests and sabbatical funding will be made by mid-November; formal notification will be made following the winter meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Normally, the practice is for faculty on half-year sabbatical to teach three courses and be replaced for two courses. Faculty on full-year sabbaticals are normally replaced for five courses. In either of these cases, a department should consult with me regarding all needed replacements prior to submission of a final course schedule for the 2020-2021 academic year.

For 2020-21, the College will offer a $5,000 salary supplement for up to two faculty members on full-year sabbatical leaves. This supplement is in addition to any McConnell sabbatical funding. It is considered taxable income and will be paid over the course of the year. Anyone interested in this salary supplement should speak to me regarding their plans.

Recipients of sabbaticals must file a report of their sabbatical activities by September 1, 2021. As specified in the Faculty Handbook, “it is the understanding of the college that faculty will return to Cornell from sabbatical leave for a minimum of two years of service following the leave.”

If you have questions regarding your upcoming sabbatical leave, please make an appointment to come in and discuss your situation with me.

cc: Designated department chairs