Distinguished Professorships

Prof. Santhi Hejeebu, Department of Economics and Business, has been appointed the Ringer Distinguished Professorship at Cornell College for 2017-18, 2018-19, and 2019-20. The criteria for selecting the Ringer Professorship include exemplary teaching, service and scholarship, and leadership in the development of courses and teaching methods supporting active, independent learning by students.

Prof. Katy Stavreva, Department of English, has been appointed the Richard and Norma Small Distinguished Professorship at Cornell College for 2017-18 and 2018-19.  The criteria for selecting the Small Professorship include exemplary teaching, service and scholarship, and leadership in the perpetuation of a vital and invigorating faculty community at Cornell.

Campbell McConnell Sabbatical Fellowships and Sabbatical Grants

The McConnell Sabbatical Award, funded by Campbell McConnell ’50, supports a faculty members’ major scholarly, creative, or curricular projects during his/her sabbatical leave. Cornell faculty receive half-year or full-year sabbaticals which are awards in themselves of time to pursue projects. McConnell funding is not requested for all sabbatical projects.

Name Project Award

Cardon, Jeff

Spring of 2018 to build a website focusing on the scientific literature that is free of extended commentary from a particular perspective and will have links to back up the research 


 Freeman, Glenn

Spring of 2018 to complete the manuscript "The Sound of My True Country" and develop pedagogical and administrative skills in preparation for a proposed graduate program in Creative Writing  $3,800.00
 Gray, Paul Spring of 2018 to research and write a manuscript centering around the utopic, or sometimes called intentional community of Chewena, New Mexico and travel to Cuba to study Karl Marx' utopian philosophy and its influence on Cuban culture


Heinrich, Jill Spring of 2018 to travel to England and Ireland to research religious literacy in public education  $5,180.00
Hejeebu, Santhi Spring of the 2018 to train herself in key areas necessary for the ongoing development of the Business Analytics major  No financial support requested
 Liberko, Charles Fall of 2017 to learn advanced techniques involving Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometry and develop new ways to use those techniques for both teaching and research  $2,450.00
Olson, Mary Spring of 2018 to investigate the continuing implementation of the Pacific Northwestern treaty fishing rights cases and explore the co-management of fisheries harvest and habitat by tribal, state and federal officials and the tribal assertion of the rights to environmental protection for salmon  $4,488.00
Sowell, Ross Fall of 2017 to explore and research advances in virtual reality technology, travel to Oregon State University to work in a world-class robotics research lab to develop and teach advanced topics courses on virtual reality $2,900.00
 Thomas, Aparna Full 2017-18 academic year to update the research completed for her dissertation addressing India's 73rd Constitutional Amendment which in part, mandates one-third of women be appointed to local governmental positions; to research the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed, India which trains women in basic healthcare and community development; and to develop a new course on global health $4,800.00
Walsh, Emily Fall of 2017 to travel to Sweden to begin field work in the Scandinavian Caledonides to explore the isotopic signatures of the rocks, the pressure--temperature history of the rocks, the different geological ages recorded and the overall structure of the rocks $8,657.00

Campbell McConnell Travel Fund Grants for Travel from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018

The McConnell Travel Fund, established through the generosity of Campbell McConnell ’50, recognizes that regular professional interaction and continued development for faculty members is important to the intellectual life of Cornell College.

Name Project Award
 Cannon, Ann Travel to attend the Joint Statistics Meeting in Baltimore, MD, July 29-Aug 3, 2017 $1,660.00
 Denniston, Rhawn Travel to attend the 2017 Speleo Conference in Sydney, Australia, July 23-29, 2017 $830.00
 Entel, Rebecca Travel to attend the Society for the Study of American Women Writers convention--Border Crossing: Translation, Migration and Gender in the Americans, the Transatlantic and the Transpacific in Bordeaux, France, July 5-9, 2017 $2,270.00
 Freeman, Jim Support travel to attend MathFest 2017 in Chicago, IL , July 26-29, 2017 $1,439.00
Green, Melinda Support travel to attend the 2018 International Conference on Eating Disorders of the Academy for Eating Disorders in Chicago, IL from April 19-22, 2018 $1,678.59
 Gruber-Miller, John Support travel to attend a weeklong program of Latin immersion at the Conventiculum Bostoniense $1,000
 Gullen, Amy Support travel to attend the American Libraries Association's Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, June 21-26, 2018 $1,385.00
 Hankins, Leslie Support to travel and present work at the 28th Annual Virginai Woolf Conference, Virginia Woolf and Peace, held at the University of Kent at Canterbury in the UK, June 21-24, 2018 $1,750.00
Hans, Hassell Support to attend and present at the American Political Science Association conference in San Francisco, CA,  August 31 - September 3, 2017 $1,742.00
 Kauper, Kate Support travel to attend the annual meeting of the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum (AATC) conference in Denver, CO,  October 2-6, 2017  $1,150.00
 Mildenstein, Tammy Support travel to attend the International Congress for Conservation Biology in Cartagena, Columbia, July 24-27, 2017 $900.00
Quill, Misha Support travel to attend the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting and the associated Interest Group on NGOs and Nonprofits Interest Group meetings in Wardman Park, DC $1,670.00
 Teague, Craig Support travel to Attend the POGIL National Meeting in St. Louis, MO in June 2018 $1,240.00

Campbell McConnell Travel Fund Grants (Second Call) for Travel from January 1, 2018 through June 30, 2018

The McConnell Travel Fund, established through the generosity of Campbell McConnell ’50, recognizes that regular professional interaction and continued development for faculty members is important to the intellectual life of Cornell College.

Name Project Award

Barnes-Brus, Tori

Support travel to attend the 2018 meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society in Minneapolis, Minnesota in March (Will be on Panel) $322.00

Carrington, Tyler

Support travel  to Vienna, Austria in June 2018 for research in creating a new course in Block 4 of the 2018-19 academic year $1,334.00

Entel, Rebecca

Support travel to attend the Midwest Modern Language Association (M/MLA) annual convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, November 9-15, 2017 $768.00
Farooqi, A'amer Support travel to attend the American Economic Association annual meetings in Philadelphia, January 6-9, 2018 $720.00
Ganzel, Alice Support travel to attend the Biennial Conference for the Society for Research in Adolescence, in Minneapolis, MN, April 12-14 $942.00
Postler, Cindy Support travel to attend Attend the National Field Experience Conference held in Greeley, Colorado, April 8-10, 2018 $1,290.00
Quehl-Engel, Catherine Support to assist with course development and teaching of a new adjunct course in mindfulness offered through the Psychology Department (KORU Mindfulness teacher certification program) $1,695.00
Reed, Alvon Support travel to Attend the International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD) annual conference in Los Angeles, CA, January 24-28, 2018 $622.00
West, Janeve Support for attendance, participation and presentation at Mid America Theatre Conference in Milwaukee, Wi in March 2018 $1,076.00

Fund for Course Development

The Fund for Course Development is available through the generosity of the Hewlett Foundation.

Name Project Award
Migely, Genevieve PHI 2XX: Business Ethics $1,000.00
Mosier, Michael SPA 206/302: Cuban Culture $1,000.00
Wines, Rebecca FRE 366: Where Women Wilded Power
GSS 171: Gender, Power and Identity

Gaarde-Morton Junior Faculty Award for Course Development 

The Gaarde-Morton Junior Faculty Award, funded through the generosity of Richard A. “Joe” Morton (’50) and Joy Gaarde-Morton (’80 Honorary Alumna), honors the many Cornell College faculty who have effectively inspired, advised, encouraged, and fostered a love of learning in Cornell students over the years.

Name Project Award
 Johns, Brian Develop a hands-on experimental engineering and quality control course: EGR 235 $1,000.00
Yamanishi, Meghan Develop a new course in the Department of Economics and Business for the new Personnel Management major: Employment Law $1,000.00

Planning Grants for Departments and Interdisciplinary Programs

Funding from the Hewlett Foundation Endowed Funds and the Mellon Foundation provides support to departments and interdisciplinary programs as they consider significant curricular revision, innovation, or assessment.

Name Project Award

Department of Biology

Curricular reform $600.00

Department of English and Creative Writing

Curriculum development  $500.00

Department of Philosophy

Departmental assessment of course offerings $200.00

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Review and revise major $400.00

Department of Theatre and Dance

Creation and integration of a dance minor into the existing curriculum $600.00

Mellon Foundation Funding for Faculty Development in the Digital Liberal Arts (Faculty Travel & On-campus workshops)

Funding from the Mellon Foundation provides support to faculty for travel and registration expenses to workshops, on-campus workshops, short courses and additional opportunities in which faculty members develop skills in the digital liberal arts that may be integrated into their courses, student-faculty collaborative research projects or interdisciplinary collaborations with faculty colleagues. 

Name Project Award
Kelchen, Jenny Support travel to attend and potentially present to the Education Commission at the United States Institute for Theatre Technology's Annual Conference and Stage Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 14-17, 2018 $1,834.00
Mouton, Michelle Support to attend the Digital Humanities Conference hosted by McGill University in Toronto, Canada, August 8 - 11, 2017 $1,649.00
Shanata, Jai Support travel to attend the American Chemical Society Fall meeting in Washington, DC, August 20-24, 2017 $522.00
Tabak, Leon Support for course planning CSC 144: Softward Architecture $1,000.00

Cornell Summer Research Institute, Summer 2017

Through generous funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation Endowed Funds, Dimensions, The Berry Center, The Roger Gillette Student-Faculty Research Fund, and the Rebecca Joe Wearin Pulk Student-Faculty Research Fund.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has provided a generous grant for summer student-faculty research projects and provides funding for a living-learning community for student participants to encourage formal and informal dialogue between students and faculty.  Hewlett Endowment is a Presidential discretionary fund to which the Office of Academic Affairs applies annually for faculty development support. The Dimensions program aims to educate, inform, and inspire Cornell students regarding the art, culture, and science of healthcare.  The Berry Center for Economics, Business, and Public Policy is a distinctive program that provides students with exceptional training in applied economics and public policy, with a special emphasis on experiential learning. Funding is also provided by the Rogers Gillette Student-Faculty Research Fund and the Rebecca Joe Wearin Pulk Student-Faculty Research Fund.

Name Project Award

Barnes-Brus, Tori

Historical Sociology and the Intersection of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality $7450

 Beauchamp, Kara

Exploring Plasma Structures Surrounding Newly Formed Massive Stars in Star Forming Regions $6164
Christie-Pope, Barbara The Ultrastructural Effect of Cytotoxicity and Manipulation of Vesicular Proteins in Dopaminergic Neurons $7700
Condon, Marty Ecology and Diversification of Neotropical Flies and their Parasites $6800
Cotton, Greg LGBTQ and Youth Homelessness: Community Action Study and Strategic Planning $6300
Davis, Erin LGBTQ and Youth Homelessness: Community Action Study and Strategic Planning $6300
Green, Melinda Dissonance-Based Online Eating Disorder Intervention: An Efficacy Trial $6800
Hankins, Leslie Working Together to Explore the Exciting Emerging Field of Independent Publishing and Small Presses $10100
Hassell, Hans Understanding How the Media Covers Political Campaigns and Candidates $6800
Johns, Brian Development of a Virtual-Reality Surgical Simulator $6290
Johnson, Christi A case of Do or Die: Does the World Welcome Exercisers as Time Goes By? $6100
Liberko, Charlie NMR Studies of Structural Changes in Solvatochromic Molecules $6800
McCollum, Andy Population Trends in Ornate Box Turtles $9300
Migley, Genevieve A More Inclusive Union: Women Philosophers in the Modern Period 6000
Mildenstein, Tammy A Student-Faculty Collaborative Project for Long-Term Conservation Research at Cornell College $8600
Nowak-Thompson, Brian Developing HIgh Through-put Assays to Assess the Soil Microbiome $6900
Quill, Misha LGBTQ and Youth Homelessness: Community Action Study and Strategic Planning $6300
Rouse, Jen LGBTQ and Youth Homelessness: Community Action Study and Strategic Planning $6300
Shanata, Jai Measuring the Impact of Resveratrol, Possible Essential Tremor Therapeutics and their Metabolites on Protein Function $10900
Skorcewski, Tyler Sports Analytics Related to Youth Archery $5800
Strong, Cindy X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Archaeological Pottery $5800
Tepper, Craig Symbiosis in Two Marine Invertebrates $10600
Walsh, Emily Exploration in Cutting-Edge Thermobarometry Techniques $7550

Emil and Rosa Massier Award in the Social Sciences

The Emil and Rosa Massier Award in the Social Sciences, funded through the generosity of alumna Elfriede Massier ('62) and her husband Larry E. Schrader, honors Dr. Massier's parents, who had the courage to begin life in a new country in the wake of World War II, and acknowledges the profound impact Cornell College had on Dr. Massier's life.

Name Project Award

 Barnes-Brus, Tori

Support to underwrite an archival research trip to engage in collaborative research with a Cornell Student $2,000.00

Quill, Misha

Support to begin work on a research project focusing on the lives, experiences and well-being of individuals who settled as refugees in Iowa, those who came to Iowa as part of a secondary migration and those native-born Americans who sought to assist refugees with resettlement, orientation and community integration $2,000.00