Internal candidates are defined as candidates who are already employed at the College.  Assuming that they are well qualified for the position at issue, they bring attractive qualities of institutional knowledge and experience to the search.  At the same time, their close acquaintance may result in some awkwardness during the search.   Accordingly, one goal of searches at Cornell is to be clear, sensitive and professional where internal candidates are concerned.  These guidelines are intended to help those involved in the search realize that goal  The department chair or administrative head is encouraged to meet with the dean at any point during the search process to discuss concerns or procedure.

Pre-Application Process

The faculty department chair or administrative department head will meet with qualified internal candidates to notify them of the vacancy, provide a copy of the advertisement, discuss the search timetable, and offer assistance and advice.

Application Process 

Internal applicants must submit materials as required in the advertisement.  References may include internal persons, but not those employed in the department involved.  (Presumably those persons will offer their perspective in the course of the search process.)

The Office of Academic Affairs will notify the department chair at the time formal application is made by an internal applicant.

The department chair will notify members of the department of the internal candidacy, and will direct department members to be discreet and sensitive to the candidate during the search process.  All search-related matters are confidential, and confidentiality is crucial where internal candidates are involved, particularly when the internal candidate is teaching or otherwise working at Cornell during the search process.

Preliminary Screening 

When the internal candidate is included in the group of candidates to be interviewed at an association meeting or by conference call, the department will conduct a preliminary interview similar in length and substance to those offered other candidates.  The internal candidates will receive all information that is provided to other candidates.

If the internal candidate is not included in the group to be considered beyond preliminary/final screening, the chair or head will meet with the candidate to inform him/her of the screening committee's decision.

On-Campus Interviews

The internal candidate will be granted the same interview schedule as the other candidates who are invited to campus, but will be given the option of forgoing the campus tour.

Final Selection 

If the internal candidate was included in the group of candidates interviewed on campus, the chair or head will arrange a meeting with the internal candidate to convey the outcome of the committee's deliberations.

If the internal candidate is the first choice in the search, the dean will negotiate with him/her as with any external candidate.  If the internal candidate is not the first choice and is highly ranked, the candidate will be notified of his/her status and will be kept informed as the search progresses.  If the search committee determines the internal candidate is not acceptable for the position, the candidate will be informed that s/he is no longer under consideration.

Revised 11/08