We are grateful for the support of the Mellon-funded Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Project of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest.  The enthusiasm from the ACM for our project and the provision of stipends to the working group made all the difference between a good idea and a finished product.

Many people contributed information and advice along the way:  Stephen Bailey, Larry Breitborde, Deb DeCrane, Melody Diehl, Steve Farris, Ron Frakes, Kevin Hastings, Beverly Holmes, Bobby Jo Maurer, Vicky Romano, Lisa Steinbach, Vicki Trant, Jackie Uhlmann.  Thanks to all of you for providing text, vetting prose, and/or for responding to many, many questions.  A conversation with Lynette Lombard and Tony Gant about shared appointments was especially helpful.  Special thanks go to Sandy Jones, who gave invaluable help during the summer to do final editing and formatting, and to see to the production of the Guide.  We also found help in the Carleton College Department Chairs' Handbook, especially for the section on searches.

This Guide is unusual in being written entirely by faculty, even while being produced institutionally.  Our Dean, Larry Breitborde, gave us much support and wise counsel along the way; he also read every word of the final draft, providing many helpful emendations.  But he saw only one section in writing before the full draft was completed.  Larry's support of the project and his confidence in our ability to get it right without his direct participation are much appreciated.  As was the case for the earlier endeavor of the Survival/Success Guide for Knox Faculty, this gives Knox faculty the enviable resource of a guide written by peers for peers that also carries the authority of the Dean, who has vetted the content.  Thanks, Larry!