The College contracts with Follett Higher Education Group for bookstore services. Follett uses an on-line ordering system called Online Adoptions, which allows faculty to easily order texts and other course materials from the Cornell College Bookstore webpage. It is important to recognize, however, that there are a number of exigencies in obtaining textbooks. 
Faculty should use the following dates as guidelines for ordering texts:
  • The bookstore will place a “first call to all faculty members for books/course materials orders for the following academic year by February 1 with a February 15th response date. Faculty must respond in one of the following four ways:
    • Turn in the books/materials information for the courses (The ISBN#, title, author, publisher, and edition of the textbook will be needed to place the order.)
    • Indicate that the information is “to be determined”
    • Indicate that no books or materials will be needed for the course
    • Indicate that you intend to continue use of the same books/materials last used in the course.
  • Faculty indicating that the materials are “to be determined” should place the order with the bookstore as soon as practicable after February 15th.
    • Final deadline for submission of orders for books are as follows:
    • May 15th for Terms 1-3
    • September 15th for Terms 4-6
    • December 15th for Terms 7-8
Faculty adherence to these guidelines will help the college show a good faith effort to meet the federal regulations and will be beneficial for our students. There may be a few occasions in which it will not be possible to meet the deadlines listed above (visiting faculty, late changes to the course schedule, etc.), and in these situations orders should be placed with the bookstore in as timely a manner as possible. Faculty should check to be sure the books have arrived with the bookstore in as timely a manner as possible. Faculty should check to be sure the books have arrived before the term begins.
The sale of classroom supplies, books, and materials to students is the responsibility of the College Bookstore. The sale of these items through the Bookstore benefits the College with returned commissions. Faculty members are not to sell books and supplies directly to students; they should arrange with the Bookstore manager to stock the items which students are required to purchase.

Laboratory manuals, studio supplies and similar materials prepared by members of the faculty for student use are to be sold by the Bookstore.