A special place

From its one-of-a-kind academic experience to a supportive, vibrant community, Cornell College has so much to offer. Take a tour through the photos below and see for yourself.

Eye on Cornell

  • Set on a beautiful, tree-filled hilltop in Iowa, Cornell College is a place that feels like home for your four years on campus.

  • The common schedule that our One Course At A Time curriculum provides means you know when your friends are free for lunch—the same time you are.

  • The Hilltop Café offers food, yes, but also a place to meet friends and catch up during breaks from class.

  • More than a quarter of Cornell’s student body are students of color.

  • The residence halls are a key part of first-year experience, as students from around the country learn to call Cornell home.

  • Being roommates can lead to lifelong friendships.

  • The Thomas Commons is the center of student life on campus, and like a living room for students.

  • Want to dine outside? We’ve got you covered.

  • Fresh is the key word to describe the food at the Hilltop Café. Other words include local, healthy, and delicious.

  • Each year, the senior class gathers at Baccalaureate to say thank you to the friends and family who helped them along the way.

  • Being on a hill has many advantages. One of them is sledding when it snows.

  • Cornell College students are athletes, musicians, actors, activists, and, most importantly, all part of a community.

  • With a student body of about 1,100 students, you get to know athletes, student senate representatives, and artists. Sometimes that describes just one person.

  • Each new class is welcomed to campus with a convocation where they have a chance to meet fellow students, faculty, and staff.

Strong Community

Cornell College is more than a campus, it's a community. Students from around the country and the world support each other in clubs, student organizations, and athletic teams. Add to that faculty who mentor as well as teach and you have an amazing place to spend four years.

  • You spend your course time really focused on the task at hand. Artists can worry about their muse, not the clock.

  • Set up an experiment, and come back to check the results a few hours later—because of the One Course At A Time calendar, the lab is yours for the block.

  • With One Course At A Time you really become a biologist for a month, so develop a wealth of experience that illuminates what you do in the future.

  • At Cornell College undergraduates do real scientific research both in class and with faculty members outside of their courses.

  • Small, seminar-sized classes give a chance for discussion and to hear different perspectives on an issue.

  • Read, analyze, write, and discuss. At Cornell College you learn to formulate ideas and then explain them clearly.

  • When you spend hours each day living and breathing a topic, you understand it more deeply and more quickly.

  • What are Cornell College’s courses like? That depends on the topic, not the schedule. Spend a block as an actor, then the next as a scientist—wherever the coursework takes you.

  • At Cornell, courses spend time digging into the issues being covered and having long-form discussions and debates.

  • Doing research can mean going out into the field to study specimens. Cornell College’s science courses have the ability to do field work for a few hours, a few days, or a whole block.

  • If you’re going to study the booming Chinese economy, where better to do so than in China itself? The One Course schedule allows classes that kind of flexibility.

  • Science is a hands-on endeavor, and the longer class times and increased focus made possible by the One Course calendar, give students the opportunity to do real research as part of their coursework.

  • Don’t expect daily lectures at Cornell College—expect discussions, seminars, and hands-on activities.

  • More time for class means more time for students to collaborate with each other to learn more effectively.

One Course, infinite possibilities

When you learn with Cornell College’s distinctive One Course At A Time curriculum, taking a science class means you are a scientist spending quality time in the lab, conducting original research with professors. In the next course you might be an artist, who has the luxury of ignoring the clock and listening solely to your muse.

  • Student Senate and other organizations bring bands large—including Danish dance-rock band New Politics—and small to campus throughout the year.

  • Another band that’s played at Cornell College was Canadian YouTube sensation Walk Off the Earth.

  • The annual Culture Show gives students a chance to show off their heritage.

  • The college offers "Late Night Breakfast" during three blocks each year to give students a chance to take a break from studying and fill up on delicious breakfast foods

  • With more than 100 clubs and organizations to choose from, it’s easy to explore what you like.

  • What are you interested in? Chances are you’re not alone, so you can find people who share your passion.

  • Musical ensembles give students a chance to learn new literature and perform in public.

  • Musical ensembles and theatre performances are open to all students, regardless of major.

  • With several mainstage productions each year, and more student-run shows, there are plenty of opportunities to hone your craft on stage.

  • College means studying, to be sure, and Cornell’s Cole Library offers a great space for working on projects or doing research.

  • The college launched men’s and women’s lacrosse programs in the 2014-2015 academic year.

  • Cornell College has 19 athletics teams and competes in the NCAA Division III Midwest Conference.

  • Cornell has a deep tradition of excellence in athletics, with NCAA champions, All-Americans, and more.

  • Cornell does Commencement differently. Students sit with their friends—one last chance to share an experience.

  • Each year, the senior class chooses a faculty member to speak at Commencement, a reminder of how close the faculty and students are at Cornell College.

Vibrant campus

Cornell students come from 42 states, territories, and international military posts, and from 17 foreign countries. The community atmosphere doesn’t disappear on weekends. There are concerts, plays, athletic events, and more for you to participate in or enjoy watching.

Come see us

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