In our nation right now, there is an ongoing lack of civility and ongoing discrimination against under-represented individuals and groups.  At this time, Cornell re-affirms our dedication to maintaining a diverse college campus where every student, faculty and staff member knows that they are included, important, and valuable to the learning environment we build here. 

What we’ve heard from our college community:

  • Extoll the value, worth, and inherent right to feel welcome on this campus for every student, faculty, and staff member in this community.
  • Increase awareness of diversity issues and inclusion expectations through training for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Respond firmly to activities that marginalize members of our student body. The truth is we can’t, and shouldn’t try to, control the actions of every individual on this campus, but as a community we can build an equitable and inclusive campus climate.
  • Build our identity as Cornellians and global citizens who work together and support one another on campus and in the greater world.
  • Improve our skills at disagreeing about ideas without degrading people--using trained mediators wherever possible.
  • Draw a principled line between hate speech and political speech and clarify the action that will be taken against hate speech on campus.

What actions can one person take to help? 

Get involved—join one or more groups on campus, attend a discussion, speak up, get to know someone from a different background or experience, and make a difference one positive interaction at a time.

Keep talking

Members of our community have shared their insights into the issue--thank you members of BACO, Unión Latinx, TWRG, and other identity-based groups.  As student leaders of this generation you continue to help teach members of the Cornell community how we can model ways of dismantling systemic forms of hatred and racism on our campus and across our nation.