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Switching the Roles of Slave and Master


Rewrite the story of "Xanthias" (Chapter 2b) by having Xanthias and Dikaiopolis exchange roles. In other words, every time the passage mentions Dikaiopolis, change it to Xanthias, and every time it mentions Xanthias, change it to Dikaiopolis. Don't forget to change the words doulos and despotes, too!

After you have finished rewriting the story, what do you think of the two characters in the story? What do the commands/insults sound like coming out of the mouth of Xanthias rather than Dikaiopolis? What motivations do you attribute to Dikaiopolis and Xanthias in the text version? In your rewrite? In other words, why did Dikaiopolis act the way he did in the first version, the second version?


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