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Sparta and Corinth


Read Thomas Martin's essay on Sparta (6.5-6.14).

Unlike many poleis, Sparta was an inland, rather than coastal, community. And unlike many poleis that chose to send out colonies, Sparta chose to respond to the pressures of population growth and the consequent scarcity of land by conquering Messenia, the region west of Mount Tagetos.

Who are the Spartans, perioikoi, and helots? What freedoms and responsibilities do Spartans enjoy? Perioikoi? How are helots treated and what is expected of them?

How are Spartan boys and girls socialized to maintain Spartan control of the helots? What is the sussition? What cultural values do Spartans expect of boys and girls, men and women? What attitudes do Spartans have regarding marriage and the family? What roles do men and women have in Spartan society?

Read Thomas Martin's essay on Greek tyranny (6.16-18).

In what ways were tyrants like kings and in what ways not? What social class did tyrants come from? From whom did they get their support? How were tyrants viewed by the members of their communities?

Who are the Bacchiads? How and when did Cypselus wrest power from the Bacchiads? How did Cypselus and Periander help maintain a strong Corinth?



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