Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze


Colonies, settlements, trade, and exiles


Examine a map of the Mediterranean during the time period from 750-500 BCE. Then read Thomas Martin's essay on Colonization (eight webpages, 5.5-5.12)

What motivated the Greeks to travel abroad at first?

Find on the map the location of the first two Greek settlements, Al Mina and Pithecusae (on the island of Ischia), about 775 BCE. Who sent settlers there?

Who is a ktistes? What is his charge in a new settlement?

After the earliest settlements, what motivated greater numbers of Greek poleis to send out colonists?

What conflicting attitudes about colonization are evident in the inscription from Thera. Where are Cyrene and Taras (Tarantum) on the map? Who sent colonists there?

Where is Naucratis and why is it important? What did the Greeks trade with Egypt and conversely, what did the Egyptians send the Greeks?

From what regions does Athens import grain? Find them on the map.

What cultural innovations learn from the near East? from Egypt? from Lydia? from Phoenicia?

What role did the oracle at Delphi play in colonization?



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