Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze

Chapter 1
Resources for Chapter 1

Images: Farming in ancient Attica
What did Athenian farmers grow? What livestock did they tend?

Oral Scripts: Greetings and Introductions

Culture: Thinking about ancient farming

Audio Files (MP3 format):

Introduction: Part II, Pronunciation of Greek letters, p xxvi

Introduction: Part IV, Practice in Pronunciation and Writing, pp. xxxiii-xxxiv

Chapter 1a, Vocabulary, p. 1-2

Chapter 1a, Reading passage, p.2

Chapter 1b, Vocabulary, p. 9

Chapter 1b, Reading passage, p. 10

The Song of Seikilos (Tim Moore, "Song in the Greek Classroom," Teaching Classical Languages 4.2 [2013] 79); here is another recording of the song by David Creese.


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