2011 - 2012 Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Topics Courses

The following descriptions provide information for courses which are not fully detailed in the departmental section of the Catalogue.

WST 263 (Block 8). Topic: Utopian Visions of Sex. Fiction depicting utopian societies with alternative sexualities, including feminist, gay, lesbian, and other social categories. Examination of the premises underlying writers’ visions of different positive (utopian) and negative (dystopian) worlds. Function of utopias for social movements. No prerequisite. Diane Crowder

WST 264 (Block 9). Topic: Feminist Movements 1960-2000. The beginnings of the contemporary feminist movement and subsequent developments have become subject of myth.  This course will look at the movements of the late 20th century from an historical perspective.  Primary and secondary materials give the flavors of activist voices and contemporary theories as well as modern reflections. No prerequisite. Diane Crowder

WST 363 (Block 7). Advanced Topic: Gender, Islam and Social Change. The course explores the rights and status of women in contemporary Muslim societies, as well as recent and past initiatives to advance them. The course will consider multiple perspectives and explore various issues facing Muslim women today. How do the rights and status of Muslim women vary by ethnicity, social class, age, and education? What are the implications for campaigns to enhance women’s eights in general? Special attention will be given to the diverse perspectives and strategies of action which have been adopted by Muslim women themselves. The history of gender in Islamic societies will be discussed. The course will also focus on a comparison between theory and practice regarding issues such as the treatment of women, gender relations, concepts of women’s liberation, and equality. Prerequisite: WST 171 or 271. (Social Science) Aparna Thomas