Thomas Commons Renovation Project Schedule

A printable fall 2013 renovation and construction schedule is available in PDF format. Please be aware that this schedule is subject to change. Refer to this website and signs in the building for further updates.

Patience while living with a construction zone

Thomas Commons is used multiple times every day by most of our students and many of our faculty and staff members. Essential services housed in this building will continue to operate. This will not change during renovation and construction, which will create some inconveniences and does not always go as planned. Your patience while we make these improvements is appreciated.

Changes and Improvements

Spaces for small group meetings or private dining

Two new conference rooms and Shaw Lounge are available on the middle level for small group meetings. These are also useful for meetings that are catered or have participants bringing food from Hilltop Café or Zamora’s Market. These spaces can be reserved on Meeting Room Manager. Meeting coordinators should consult with Carol Stock (Info Desk) for other space options. During Block 3, a new private dining (that will seat 45-60 people) on the upper level will come online.

Special events in a large dining room

Historically Flint Dining Room has been used for special events like Admissions Preview Days and the Academic Awards Banquet. The new east dining room has been designed to more effectively meet this need and reduce disruption to daily dining. Also, the new multi-purpose room will be ready in the spring semester to meet those needs. We will begin taking reservations after we have confirmed when the spaces will be available. Event sponsors should consult with Carol Stock (Info Desk) about using these or other spaces.

Seating options

Until the new east dining room is completed during Block 3, more tables and chairs will be placed in Flint and Burgstahler dining rooms and the upper level private dining room (next to the Grille) and the future bookstore space will be used for open seating.

Signs over the Orange Carpet and fliers

Adding more light to the building means we have fewer and smaller solid walls, including where we hang signs over the Orange Carpet. New dimensions for OC signs and information about posting fliers in Thomas Commons are available in this policy. Please direct questions to Carol Stock (Info Desk).

Main entrance

The north entrance will be the only entrance into the upper level of Thomas Commons into Block 3 as the east entrance, new patio and exterior fireplace are completed.

Circle Drive

The Circle Drive in front of Thomas Commons is for drop-off and pick-up only. Parking is not permitted in this area at any time except for use of handicap spaces.