THE 160-1. Fundamentals of Theatre Design (FYS) 
Exploration of the role and process of design as it relates to theatrical production. Students complete practical exercises in scenic, costume, lighting, and sound design, and learn to critically analyze and respond to design work with the elements of design vocabulary. (FYS) OLINGER

THE 316-4. Advanced Topic: Devised Theatre
Collaborative creation of theatrical performance. This practical introduction to collaborative theatre-making allows students to explore a variety of processes for the creation and presentation of original work.  Processes include: documentary and verbatim theatre techniques, improvisation, testimonial theatre, found text, adaptation and group writing.  Inspired by video, sound, object, space, movement, design, text, image, etc. students will explore the history and tradition of ensemble based theatre, generate new work, practice critical feedback of works-in-progress and explore the political and philosophical underpinnings of collaborative art-making.  This course will culminate in the creation and presentation of original work.  (Fine Arts) WEST