Community Building Award

  • General: PAAC
  • Specific: CASA (Alum Chums)

Diverse Programming Award

  • General: Hillel
  • Specific: WAG (Women’s Symposium)
    Educational Programming
  • General: WRG (Women’s Resource Group)
  • Specific: Tri Beta (Heart Workshop)

Innovative Programming

  • General: PAAC
  • Specific: Star Wars Society (One Man Star Wars Program)

Service Programming

  • General: CSSG (Council for Social and Service Groups)
  • Specific: Becky Kakac (Shoes for Kids) and Valerie Koch (Rock the Vote)

Executive Council

  • Student Senate
  • Lacrosse Club

Student Organization Advisor

  • Derin Sherman (CSSG)

Volunteer of the Year

  • Jessica Johnson

Unsung Heroes

  • Darius Ballard