The committee will begin its work in September and will meet frequently in order to evaluate institutional needs, consider relevant data, consult with working groups, weigh community input, and complete a high-level draft of a plan by February. At that time, the draft will be made available to community members, and various groups will be requested to discuss the draft and provide feedback and recommendations to the committee. The target date for a final draft is the end of April. Regular updates will be available to the college community throughout the planning process.

Community input

Two strategies for acquiring planning input from the college’s extended community involve surveying segments of the community [for breadth] and engaging focus groups [for depth]. We expect to use both techniques with students, staff, faculty, alumni, and trustees, beginning with surveys and following up with focus groups. Survey development and focus group planning will be led by Becki Elkins and Jonathan Stroud; surveys will be conducted via web survey software.

Progress updates

Please refer to our secure site for updates on the overall process and well as access to the records of all strategic planning activities.