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Practice Exams for Spanish Courses

These practice exams have been prepared so that you can have an idea of your Spanish grammar skills. These are not placement exams. You can take them as many times as you like. Please, check your answers carefully, and review the items that you answered incorrectly with the assistance of a text or a tutor. Good luck!

Beginning Spanish 101
Beginning Spanish 102
Beginning Spanish 103
Intermediate Spanish 205

Cornell College's Bachelor of Arts degree has a language requirement. Students interested in taking Spanish to fulfill the language requirement need the following:

  1. Complete Spanish 205, or
  2. Place into a 300-level course through the language placement examination, administered during New Student Orientation (NSO), or
  3. Pass a proficiency examination at the 205 level.

In addition, students who have taken the All College Entrance Examination Board's Advancement Placement (AP) Examination, and received a score of  4 or 5 are exempted from the language requirement.

International students whose native language is other than English satisfy this requirement through completion or exemption from the English as a Second Language (ESL) program.


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